Deputy spokesman for Thaksin. Referred to the Vice-Chancellor and extracted red curry raise minions chasing Constitution Court Judges 8 May dreaded problems escalate hypothesis “Sukm general” throw the media suggested the strategic problems of the new South. Do not walk behind “Nch. Cats” iteration of the page “spread” that distort the democratic Mongolia. Damage the country. Slander others without looking at our own “more conservative” Google search term “e stupid” before ticking “victory Ratchawat”.

Ms. Mallika Boonmee clan Democrat deputy spokesperson, said in a statement on May 8, know that it is raising the red shirts from provincial court judge to dismiss.I was. Tory Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is the sister of a breed of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to take care not to abuse this law. แlan.s. Yingluck must show a clear vision of how to proceed. On 8 May the vocal ones, all the people behind the scenes in preparation for raising the level of violence. But the judge dismissed the original page can be a problem from spreading to other parties and the problems escalate to unbearable.

Ms. Mallika also discusses the problems of the South, the government’s case to the Superior General Adm. Suwan gravitational Minister of Defence. The media is rampant. Security forces were strategic mistakes. And make the area a war. Because of elevated terrorist as negotiators and the media to stop Gen. Adm. Sukm the news, although the actual Adm. Sukm General to review the strategy. Not blame the media.

In addition, the personnel in charge of this development if your son Lieutenant Brotherhood, National Security Council (NSC), it is not valid. Because it’s time. The criminals know the plan. And escalate the situation.

“Let the Prime Minister and Air Chief Marshal General Sukm. And orders of democracy because of the Kru Se Bai came from strategic Thaksin if Thaksin did not stop listening strategies to crash. People will continue to die. The security forces must agree with the rules of the media “.

Ms. Mallika stated. The party were conducted to verify the statement of the page, or a new set of Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime Minister later traveled to the meeting to Mongolia. It also looks at a big party in the country. The prosecution or to protect a woman MP. Ms. Yingluck. A distortion of the facts. So I want all parties to this claim before resection. Because the statement of the Prime Minister. Insulting Thailand And the investment opportunities in the country. Because what you say is very backward.

Ms. Mallika say MP said the party female to Thailand to offer an open letter that is good. But this claim is clearly distorted democracy. Excerpt from the coup.Pervert the Constitution. Or claims about the destruction of the Constitution in 2540, while Ms. Yingluck did not say why the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Destroyed the constitution in 2540 and the year 2553, which is not a democratic society. It’s about terrorism and Ms. Yingluck also claims the coup phenomenon. But did not mention the source of the coup that brought the atmosphere of corruption indictment. Or the right of women to avoid embarrassment to the Prime Minister to resolve the facts. Otherwise, the nation will lose the opportunity.

Norms MPs including Mr. Nutt said that Ms. Yingluck a lawyer to sue Mr. Somchai. Mr. Noonan, or gratefulness Ratchawat Rath newspaper comic Benveniste’s it. If you use this standard. Ms. Yingluck. I need to check in with Google. If it comes to searching for “The Fool” in Google images will have the Prime Minister of Thailand defamatory to Ms. Yingluck has asked the country to do something about it. Or a team of lawyers to examine this problem from the image of the prime minister.

Mr. Nutt also said his loyalty to the military’s spokesman Deputy Prime Minister Himathongkam out that MR Sukhumbhand species. No time doing conforming campaign. After having met with the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is that player and Bangkok. I boiled it Railway’s cost. The distortion significantly.Because this case is not yet final. Mr. Han’s loyalty is under no obligation to tell that the accused is guilty or not guilty, the defense minister to Bangkok. But the hero’s loyal to convicted already. This agreement builds on the bus.

“This agreement builds on the bus. Not to extend the franchise. Because the fare of BTS. Bangkok was not involved. But the electric sector. Bangkok also has a duty to collect revenue and to manage their own fares. The personnel of the government does not take work. Lost but trying to distort the facts only “.