Anam Ahmad, Stunning Fashion Model, Now Fiancee of Goher Mumtaz


Right after the news which informed music lovers that Gohar Mumtaz is no more a single and has been engaged to Anam Ahmed, people kept on  asking us who actually is Anam Ahmad? and how both Goher & Anam got connected with each other. We don’t have any answer for the later question, but we do know about Goher’s fiancee Anam Ahmad.

Anam Ahmad  is an Islamabad Based Aspiring Fashion Model, who rocked the ramp of Islamabad  in recent Fashion Week few months ago. Anam started her career at the very young age of 13 years when she did a shoot for a friend’s cousin. . Anam Ahmad has been seen  doing shoots for designers and brands like Tariq Amin, Bina Sultan, Libas Magazine, She Magazine etc

Watch out below some public pictures revealed by Anam Ahmad, Fiancee of Goher Mumtaz: