Crime Patrol 11 jan 2013 – Delhi gang rape – Sony asked to drop the special episode




    Delhi gang rape case was supposed to be re-enact by sony’s famous crime show “Crime Patrol” and according to earlier information it was going to be telecast-ed on 11 january 2013.

    Information and Broadcasting Ministry has asked Sony TV not to release the  episode of its Crime Patrol show based on the Dec 16 Delhi gang rape,  according to sources

    “Sony has been conveyed informally the request not to air the episode,” the official source said.
    Crime Patrol episodes are based on real-life crime stories.

    The Jan 11-12 episode was planned upon the the young who woman died in a Singapore hospital Dec 29 after brutal gang rape. She was a 23-year-old physiotherapist trainee.


    crime patrol 11 January 2013 special Delhi gang rape case 16 dec



    The victims, a 23-year old woman and her male friend, were on their way home after watching the film Life of Pi in Saket in South Delhi.They boarded a chartered bus at Munirka for Dwarka that was being driven by joyriders at about 9:30 pm. The minor among the accused had called for passengers telling them that it was going towards their destination.The woman’s friend became suspicious when the bus deviated from its normal route and its doors were shut. When he objected, the group of six men already on board taunted the couple, asking what they were doing alone at such a late hour.

    When the male victim tried to intervene, he was beaten, gagged and knocked unconscious with an iron rod. The men dragged the woman to the rear of the bus, beating her with the rod and raping her while the bus driver continued to drive. Medical reports later suggested that the woman suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, intestines and genitals due to the assault, and doctors say that the damage indicates that a blunt object (suspected to be the iron rod) may have been used for penetration.[6] That rod was later described by police as being a rusted, L-shaped implement of the type used as a wheel jack handle.[9] According to the International Business Times, a police spokesman said that the youngest attacker “sexually abused his victim twice and ripped out her intestines with his bare hands.” According to police reports the woman attempted to fight off her assailants, biting three of the attackers and leaving bite marks on the accused men.[11] After the beatings and rape ended, the attackers threw both the victims from the moving bus. Then the accused allegedly tried to drive the bus over the woman but she was pulled aside by her male friend. One of the perpetrators later cleaned the vehicle. Police impounded it the next day.

    The victims were found by a passerby on the road, partially clothed and unconscious, around 11 pm. The passerby phoned the Delhi Police, who took the couple to a hospital, where the female victim was given emergency treatment and placed on mechanical ventilation. She was found with only 5% of her intestines left inside of her. A doctor at the hospital later said that the “rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines also. That is probably the only thing that explains such severe damage to her intestines.