Fatmagul – Akhir Mera Kasoor Kiya ? – Full Story, Lyrics & Last Episode


Turkish Drama Starring Famous Barren Sath Popularly Know as Bither from Drama Aski-Memnu on Urdu 1 – After the huge Success of Aski memnu in Pakistan Producers are now working on another Hit serial !
Fatma Gul-Akhir Mera Kasoor Kya is the title of the Urdu dubbed version of super hit Turkish series Fatmagulun Suce’ne. This Drama will be aired very soon on Urdu1. Story Beyond This is
She is a victim of a crime. will she get justice?
will she raise her voice against the oppression?
FAtmagul is a story of an abused women.
will she make her voice heard, will she have a fair chance at love and life when all is lost for her?



Fatmagul Ketenci is a girl in the drama  who lives in a village among her brother who runs a dairy. She is supposed to marry a fisherman Mustafa in a months time and has dreamed of getting away from her cruel sister-in-law who hates her like hell.   Fatmagul is off to see Mustafa off on another fishing trip and accidentally comes across them. Erdoğan, Selim and Vural gang-rape her, with Kerim passed out with no recollection of the event. A traumatized Fatmagül is later discovered the next morning by Ebe Nine while she is picking her herbs. As the town go into an uproar over the rape incident, Kerim accepts the blame and agrees to marry Fatmagül as he mistakenly believes himself to be guilty and in order to protect his friends. Due to which Fatmagül and Kerim’s families sell their belongings and move to capital city İstanbul to start a new life.




Fatmagul – Akhir Mera Kasoor Kiya drama by urdu 1, Urdu 1

Fatmagul – Akhir Mera Kasoor Kiya Theme Song


Lyrics of Fatmagul Akhir Mera Kasoor Kiya




jo kahi khabi na suni gaye
mere zindagi hai wo dastaan
yun likhi gye kyun bhala mere
taqdeer mein ruswayiaaan
ye sitam jo mujhe per guzr gya
ke wajood mera bikhar gya
mere zindagi mujhe tu bata
kis jurm ki mujhe di saza
janey mera kassoor kia
janey mera kasoor kia
janey mera kasoor kia

kahan kho gya mera rasta
kahan ghum hye mere manzalian
merey sath hain mere haradam
mere humsafar mere mushkilien
kyun ye zahkam ankhien mein bhar gaye
mere khabawb kese bhikar gaye
mmere zindagi mujhe tu bata
kis jurm ki mujhe di saza
janey mera kassor kia
janey mera kasoor kia
janey mera kasoor kia

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