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María Isabel (Adela Noriega) is a beautiful, kind-hearted young woman of indigenous descent, faced with the responsibility of raising Rosa Isela, the orphaned daughter of her only true friend who has died. She finds employment at the home of Ricardo Mendiola, a wealthy widower, and his young daughter, Gloria. Ricardo’s kindness and decency cause Maria Isabel to fall in love with him, though she keeps it a secret for many years. Gloria, however, influences Rosa Isela to feel ashamed of her “Indian” mother; the ungrateful child abandons Maria Isabel to live with her wealthy grandfather, without even a word of thanks. At last Ricardo, realizing that he is in love with her, asks Maria Isabel to be his wife. But their bliss is short-lived, and the couple will have many challenges ahead before they can find the happiness they’ve struggled all their lives to achieve.

In pakistan this drama has been aired by urdu one tv dubbed in urddu language. this drama has gained more popularity in subcontinent as compared to the the region where it was released first


  • Adela Noriega – María Isabel
  • Fernando Carrillo – Ricardo Mendiola
  • Lorena Herrera – Lucrecia Fontaner
  • Patricia Reyes Spíndola – Manuela
  • Jorge Vargas – Felix Pereira
  • Lilia Aragón – Rosaura
  • José Carlos Ruiz – Pedro
  • Mónica Miguel – Chona
  • Alejandro Aragón – Leobardo
  • Raúl Araiza – Andrés
  • Angelina Peláez – Micaela
  • Juan Felipe Preciado – Romulo Altamirano
  • Ilse Vidal – Graciela Pereira
  • Susana González – Elisa
  • Valentino Lanús – Antonio
  • Ernesto Laguardia – Luis Torres
  • Rodrido Vidal – Gilberto
  • Roberto Ballesteros – Armando
  • Jorge Salinas – Ruben


isabel meri akhri mohabbat

isabel meri akhri muhabbat

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