ishq e memnu – Last Episode


Behlul got caught in a dilemma. He was ashamed  for deceiving his fatherlike uncle and in guilt he leaves Bihter.

Devastated Bihter with a broken heart confronts Behlul while Behlul  tells Bihter that their relationship is over, and that he will marry Nihal so as to rectify his mistakes. Bihter, knowing that he loves her and is marrying Nihal only out of guilt he is suffering from so Bhiter breaks down in front of her mother. She says that she is dying and begs her mother to stop the wedding. Firdevs(mother of Bhiter) helped her .Bihter also discovers that she is pregnant with Behlul’s child, but she aborts it.

A day before Behlul’s wedding, Bihter asks him to run away with her but he coldly rejects her. As a last resort, on the day of wedding, Bihter confronts Behlul, pointing a gun towards herself, and asks why did he prefer Nihal over her, why did he choose to hurt her instead of hurting Nihal. She asks him whether he will be able to live after losing her and he says “no” but does not have the guts to take the gun from her hand.[2] Adnan breaks into his bedroom and sees them together. He scornfully reminds Behlul that he treated him like his son. Upon realizing that Behlul does not have the courage to defend his love, Bihter kills herself. She dies for forbidden love.

After Bhiter’s death, Behlul visited her grave, asked for forgiveness over his cowardice. He admitted  that he had  always loved her and that he is her murderer and of everyone else, nothing would have ended this way if he wasn’t the coward man that he was, and that it is his punishment that he will have to live with this guilt forever. Behlul leaves Ziyagil family. Firdevs went into a shock over her daughter’s death and ends up being paralyzed on bed as She blamed herself for snatching her daughter’s love from her which resulted in Bhiter’s death Salman moves into a new house with his children, Mademoiselle and the servants(Suleyman, Shayesta, Nesrin, and Cemile) while Nihal is on the path of recovery after Behlul’s betrayal and fake relation.


The Drama Ends Here and This was The Last Episode of ishq e memnu by urdu1. The Video of the last episode of ishq e memnu wil be uploded soon.


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Last Episode Of Ishq e memnu

Ishq Mamnoon last episode